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About Gaoyu

Gaoyu is a prime brokerage house based in Hong Kong. Established in year 1987, we have been focusing on helping clients achieve financial growth over their investment span. We perform investing in our way, particularly taking the time to understand the unique circumstances of our clients and being available to walk them through the investment process. As a SFC-licensed firm, we are devoted to create a place where our clients’ interests always come first.


Registered broker by SFC (CE No. AAE696)
SFC types 1, 4, 9 licenses holder
Member of HKEX, SEOCH and HKCC, as well as TTEP of Stock Connect


Our mission is to compound clients’ wealth by generating consistent returns over time with minimum risk across all market environments. At Gaoyu, we put our clients first anytime.

Client Protection

Gaoyu takes a proactive approach to client protection.

Gaoyu applies real-time risk margin requirements to client accounts, whereas most the rest of the industry applies end-of-day risk margin. If a client is deemed to have insufficient assets to cover the risk of their open positions, Gaoyu typically will perform real-time liquidations of their positions to return the account to margin compliance. Other broker-dealers often permit clients to carry this risk over multiple days..

Another major benefit of doing business with Gaoyu is that it does not carry any proprietary inventory in margin. Gaoyu solely acts as a facilitator for client trading and does not make any directional bets. Two of the most significant broker-dealer bankruptcies of the past decade (Lehman Brothers and MF Global) were caused by the risk generated from proprietary holdings.

Moreover, Gaoyu is not affiliated with a bank, which is unlike most comparably capitalized broker-dealers. Not being affiliated with a bank provides Gaoyu, with a more stable platform for our clients should a marketwide crisis arise.

Client accounts at Gaoyu are protected by the Investor Compensation Fund (“ICF”). The ICF is administered by the Investor Compensation Company Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SFC. For more information about ICF and answers to frequently asked questions (such as how ICF works, what is protected, how to file a claim, etc), please refer to the following website:

Investor Compensation Company Limited

Or contact Investor Compensation Company Limited at:

54/F, One Island East, 18 Westlands Road,
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2523 7382
Fax: (852) 2523 7389

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