Most bonds provide fixed income on a predetermined schedule, which is why bonds are also known as fixed income securities.
Another advantage of bonds is risk diversification. Investing in stocks is riskier than bonds in terms of market fluctuations. However, bond market performance is usually not correlated with stock market performance. If investors buy stocks and bonds at the same time, the existence of bonds can also reduce the potential loss of investment in the event of a stock market downcycle.

On the other hand, bonds can also help investors combat the economic slowdown. When the economy slows, corporate earnings and equity earnings will inevitably be worse. Investing in fixed income securities ensures a fixed income. In the event of deflation, bond yields will be more attractive, while fixed income will remain unchanged as prices fall.

Through Elite Investment Bonds, clients will be able to explore new areas of investment. Customers can enjoy a stable income by charging interest on bonds. We offer a wide range of bond options to suit your risk portfolio and investment needs, helping you achieve your wealth management goals. Our Bond Investment Services bring opportunities to grow your wealth.

We offer a wide range of high-quality bonds issued by world-renowned institutions to meet our clients’ investment objectives.
A variety of bond types with different maturities and currencies
Investment amount as low as HK$100,000 or equivalent

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