The fund manager is responsible for managing the assets of each fund’s investments. The fund manager and his team will try to invest in potential assets through fundamental and technical analysis according to different market conditions according to their investment objectives, and adjust the fund’s portfolio according to economic and market trends, so as to manage risk and try to generate returns.

Compared with directly subscribing to assets such as single stocks and foreign exchange, investment funds may have better risk diversification capabilities. For example, an equity fund buys multiple stocks in different industries or backgrounds at the same time; Even if one or a particular class of stocks is affected, there is still an opportunity to offset the loss through the gains of the other stocks.

It is difficult for ordinary investors to directly invest in foreign government bonds, overseas stock markets, or overseas assets such as crude oil and precious metals. By buying funds that hold these assets, investors can invest indirectly in these assets.

Investors can trade funds on any trading day through different channels.

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