Margin Financing/ Margin Financing

Margin financing/margin financing increases financial flexibility and allows sufficient funds to enjoy the freedom to enter and exit the market at any time. By providing loans against purchased securities or other securities deposited in margin accounts, we can leverage your purchasing power to enhance your purchasing power and navigate the ever-changing securities market, helping you to capture greater potential investment opportunities.

Margin up to 85% based on position value for enhanced trading flexibility
Interest rates as low as P+0.5%
Through the “Gao Yubao” mobile app, you can open a margin account in a few steps, which is simple, fast and easy
More than 1,000 stocks can be leveraged to expand your portfolio
Enhance your purchasing power and take advantage of investment opportunities

Through cutting-edge financial technology, we are committed to providing a high-quality trading environment.

By warehouse table

* The Company reserves the right to adjust the mortgage ratio from time to time without prior notice.